11 Best Glamping Tents for Luxury Camping in 2023

    If you’re in a rush and looking for the best overall glamping tent on the market today, it’s the White Duck 20’ Avalon Bell Tent.

    If you don’t fancy sleeping on the ground but still prefer sleeping comfortably in nature,  glamping might be the best option for you.

    Choosing the perfect glamping tent, however, is an art in itself.

    It’s akin to picking out a home, only this one needs to fit neatly in your car or truck, yet have enough room for all of your people and gear.

    Sound daunting? Well, you’re about to get a masterclass in glamping tent selection.

    In this article, I’ll review the best glamping tents on the market, so that you can find the one that suits your needs. Let’s dive in:

    Best Glamping Tents – Our Top Picks

    White Duck 20’ Avalon Bell Tent

    White Duck 16.5’ Avalon Bell Tent best glamping tent

    Size: 10 person | Season: 4-season | Tent Type: Canvas, Bell | Weight (lbs): 166 lbs | Max Inside Height (in): 134 | Floor: 314 sq ft | Setup Time: 30 mins

    Hands down, Avalon by White Duck checks all the boxes when it comes to glamping tents.

    Starting with the design, this bell tent has a large, A-frame door and has windows situated around the tent perimeter for excellent indoor lighting and airflow.

    To keep the nasty pests out, the door and windows are lined with mesh.

    There is also a roll-up canvas cover that prevents the light from getting inside while you’re sleeping.

    The tent body is made of signature Dynaduck fabric, which is a double-filled army duck canvas.

    The material is further coated with a water-repellent, mold-resistant, and UV-resistant finish.

    If you plan on using a stove inside, you can get a flame-retardant tent version.

    This tent comes in three different capacities: 6-, 8-, and 10-person.

    There’s plenty of space inside, as the walls are 3’ high while the center height goes above 100”, depending on the model.


    • The canvas is water-, UV-, and mold-resistant, so it’s suitable for use in any weather conditions.
    • Three sizes are available, so you can choose the one that fits your camping group size best.
    • Features a built-in stove jack for cooking inside during cold or wet weather.
    • Galvanized-steel center pole makes it suitable for harsh weather situations.
    • The large windows across the perimeter and roof vents ensure light gets inside and air ventilation.


    • Must be erected on flat ground.

    Best for: glampers looking for an all-purpose tent

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    White Duck 16′ Regatta Canvas Bell Tent

    White Duck 16′ Regatta Canvas Bell Tent best glamping tent

    Size: 8 person | Season: 4-season | Tent Type: Canvas, Bell | Weight (lbs): 90 lbs | Max Inside Height (in): 116 | Floor: 201 sq ft | Setup Time: 20 mins

    Regatta is White Duck’s most popular model, as it offers the best balance of performance, versatility, and affordability.

    While this model comes in several sizes, the 10-person version is ideal for glamping. It has a perimeter of 16.5’ and a center height of a whopping 116”, so it basically feels like a real cabin, not a tent.

    Like any White Duck tent, this model is made of 100% cotton, Dynaduck water-, mold-, and UV-resistant fabric.

    This durable fabric also has double-stitched seams and edges to prevent water from getting inside by any chance.

    Like the previous White Duck model, this glamping tent also has a galvanized-steel center pole that will keep it sturdy during bad weather.

    But unlike most White Duck models, this one has a shock-absorbing grounding system to make it extra safe in harsh conditions.

    So, if you’re worried about the weather, this one is going to give great protection.

    This tent also has a sewn-in floor, which is great if bugs and dirt getting inside the tent are your biggest worry.

    But keep in mind that a sewn-in floor makes cleaning and replacing it a bit harder.


    • A water-resistant layer together with double-stitched seams and edges keeps the interior dry in case of rain.
    • The grounding system and steel center pole make it ideal for harsh weather conditions.
    • The heat-resistant, built-in stove jack makes it easy to cook inside the tent.
    • Mesh-lined windows around the tent perimeter keep the bugs out while letting the air in.
    • The tent is easy to set up within 15 minutes, with only 4 steps.


    • The sewn-in floor is more difficult to clean or replace in case of damage.

    Best for: campers looking for an easy tent to pitch

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    Danchel Bell Canvas Tent

    Danchel Bell Canvas Tent

    Size: 8 person | Season: 4-season | Tent Type: Canvas, Bell | Weight (lbs): 106 lbs | Max Inside Height (in): 137.8 | Floor: 304 sq ft | Setup Time: 20 mins

    You don’t actually need to spend a whole paycheck for an enjoyable glamping experience.

    When it comes to tents, this model by Danchel is rather affordable, but doesn’t lack in quality compared to some more high-end tents.

    Thanks to the large door and 4-side wall windows, there’s plenty of air and light inside the tent during the day.

    In fact, you can even roll up the tent sides and turn it into a canopy when the weather allows.

    What’s really impressive about this tent is that it has two precut stove jacks.

    One is located on the roof and is designated for standard wood stoves.

    The other jack is on the side wall and can also be used to add an AC pipe or electrical outlet to your tent.


    • Comes in 4 sizes, so you can choose the one most suitable for the size of your group.
    • Features a top stove jack and a side AC pipe jack, making the tent suitable for year-round camping.
    • Affordable compared to most glamping tents on the market.
    • 4 roof airflow vents prevent condensation from forming inside.


    • Windows must be completely closed to keep the rain out.

    Best for: glampers on a budget

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    Naturehike Cotton Retro Tent Outdoor Glamping Camping Cabin Tent

    Naturehike Cotton Retro Tent Outdoor Glamping Camping Cabin Tent

    Size: 2 person | Season: 4 | Tent Type: A-frame | Weight (lbs): 27.12 lbs | Max Inside Height (in): 120 | Floor: 29.5 | Setup Time: 10 mins

    When talking about glamping tents, we can’t forget about amazing A-frame models like this one by Naturehike.

    This might look like a basic A-frame tent at first, but one side actually extends into a large canopy that provides shade during warm summer days.

    If you’re in for the views but want to stay away from insects, the mesh wall will protect you while the canopy is up.

    Zippers are an important feature of every tent, as you’ll use them quite a bit, and they can ensure no bugs or rain are getting in between the cracks.

    I’m really impressed that this tent uses high-quality YKK zippers, which will probably work just as well 20 years from now.

    The tent is made of 100% cotton with a water-resistant finish.

    Still, keep in mind that it’s not intended for prolonged use in the rain.

    This model is a much better option for camping in dry, summer weather.


    • One side expands into a canopy, offering a wide living area.
    • Features high-quality YKK zippers that don’t snag on fabric.
    • Mesh wall and side vents ensure there’s enough airflow inside the tent.
    • Quick and easy to set up.


    • Not suitable for prolonged use in the rain.

    Best for: glamping in dry weather

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    Springbar Highline Canvas Tent

    Springbar Highline Canvas Tent

    Size: 6 person | Season: 4-season | Tent Type: Canvas, Cabin, Porch | Weight (lbs): 76 lbs | Max Inside Height (in): 78 | Floor: 100 sq ft | Setup Time:

    If the weather is nice enough to spend most of your time outside, there’s no need for a large glamping tent.

    This model by Springbar provides just enough interior space you need for a comfortable camping trip.

    This is a cabin-style tent, meaning it has straight walls and a tall ceiling. This allows you to make the best use of its interior.

    With dimensions of 10’ x 14’, there’s plenty of room for your air mattress and your gear.

    At the front, the tent features a large awning, which provides an outdoor sitting area that’s protected from the sun.

    The tent features a door and full-sized window that provide the interior with lots of light and airflow.

    Plus, both the door and window have no-see-um mesh to keep the bugs out.

    The large tent is also waterproof. Its water-repellent treatment and its seamless, laminated vinyl floor will keep you and your things dry.

    And what more could you ask for on a glamping trip?


    • The ceiling is 78” high, allowing you to walk around the tent easily.
    • A heavy-duty seamless vinyl waterproof floor allows you to set up a tent on harsh terrain without getting damaged.
    • The window features an opaque cover for protection against rain or light.
    • Rather sturdy construction for a cabin-style tent.
    • The Hardyduck water-repellent and anti-mildew finish and vinyl flooring will keep you more than dry.


    • The awning is not suitable for use in the rain, as water can collect on it.

    Best for: glampers who plan on using the tent just for sleeping

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    Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Cabin Tent

    Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Cabin Tent

    Size: 6 person | Season: 4-season | Tent Type: Canvas, Cabin, Porch | Weight (lbs): 68 lbs | Max Inside Height (in): 78 | Floor: 100 sq ft | Setup Time: 15 mins

    The worst thing about glamping tents is that they’re typically a bit difficult to set up in comparison to regular tents.

    Well, that’s not the case with this model by Kodiak, as it’s easily pitched by a solo camper.

    Of course, that doesn’t mean this is a 1-person tent. In fact, this model comes in three capacities: 4-, 6-, and 8-person.

    So, whatever your group size, there’s a suitable version for you.

    One thing I especially like about this tent is that it has two doors, one on each side.

    This makes it much easier to get in and out without disturbing your camping buddies.

    The doors, along with this model’s four windows and two vents ensure there’s always enough airflow inside.

    They also use the high-quality YKK zippers to keep those doors sealed properly against the elements.

    At the front, the tent also has a large awning covering the door and window that provides shade.

    When it’s not needed, you can roll up the awning using the quick-release clips that make putting it away a breeze.


    • Features a door on each side with YKK zippers, so getting in and out of the tent is a piece of cake.
    • The Flex-Bow frame keeps the tent stable in bad weather.
    • The silicone finish makes the fabric water-resistant while keeping it breathable.
    • Customizable organizer pockets allow you to keep your stuff tidy and off the floor.


    • The pegs that come with the tent are of low quality.

    Best for: camping with the family or a group of friends

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    White Duck Alpha Pro 16’ x 20’ Canvas Wall Tent

    White Duck Alpha Pro 16’ x 20’ Canvas Wall Tent

    Size: 14 person | Season: 4 | Tent Type: wall, canvas | Weight (lbs): 357lbs (water repellent), 379 lbs (fire repellent) | Max Inside Height (in): 10′ | Floor: | Setup Time: 20 minutes

    Now, the inside of this tent makes you feel as if you’re in a real cabin. It’s so spacious and has such great lighting and airflow, you could practically live in it.

    What’s really amazing is that this tent comes in several sizes, ranging from 4- to 18-person capacities.

    So, no matter the size of your group or the amount of stuff you have, you can find a model for your needs.

    Like other White Duck models, this tent has a stove jack built-in, so you can cook inside or keep the interior warm during colder days.

    The tent also has a large door and windows on two sides covered in mesh to keep the nasty bugs out.

    It also has storm flaps to keep the rain and cold air out, so you’re not affected by the bad weather.


    • The door and windows have storm flaps, which keep the tent interior protected from heavy rain and strong winds.
    • Uses military-grade YKK zippers for durability and for a great seal.
    • Features PVC flooring, which is waterproof and heavy-duty.
    • The tent is available in six sizes.
    • It includes a built-in stove jack.


    • Extremely heavy.
    • Requires two or three people to set up.

    Best for: longer glamping trips

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    Wilderness Resource Stargazer Canvas Tent

    Wilderness Resource Stargazer Canvas Tent

    Size: 8 person | Season: 3 | Tent Type: bell, yurt | Weight (lbs): 100 lbs | Max Inside Height (in): 9’6″ | Floor: 130 sqft | Setup Time:

    If you’re most excited about stargazing during your glamping trip, then this is the model to keep an eye on.

    This yurt-style tent has a clear ceiling, allowing you to see the sky above you.

    So, if it’s too cold to sleep outside, you can stay inside and still enjoy stargazing.

    What if the weather gets bad? Well, that’s no problem given that the fabric of this tent is waterproof as well as UV-resistant.

    And due to its unique shape, the wind is also not a problem.

    What’s also great is that this model features a built-in stove jack, allowing you to cook inside as well.

    And thanks to roof vents, ventilation is not an issue.


    • A clear ceiling allows you to stargaze from inside the tent.
    • Waterproof and UV-resistant fabric keeps you safe from the elements.
    • The groundsheet is removable, which makes it rather easy to clean.
    • Easy to set up, even for one person.


    • No flaps to prevent light from getting inside through the ceiling.

    Best for: stargazing

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    Naturehike Cotton Tent Pyramid Yurt Tent Multi-Person Family Glamping

    Naturehike Cotton Tent Pyramid Yurt Tent Multi-Person Family Glamping

    Size: 4 | Season: 3 | Tent Type: bell | Weight (lbs): 33.5 lbs | Max Inside Height (in): 82.6inches | Floor: | Setup Time:

    This model by Naturehike is an ideal option for a couple. Being a 4-person tent, it has enough room for a sleeping mattress as well as your gear.

    The pyramidal shape of this tent ensures windy weather can’t destroy your camping trip. The sloped sides ensure the wind will simply roll over the top instead of catching the walls like a sail.

    But while the tent shape prevents water from collecting on the roof, the material is not designed for prolonged use in the rain.

    Keep that in mind, as you might need to use a tarp to keep the shelter safe during long pours.

    What’s more, this tent is rather easy to set up.

    It stays erect thanks to the aluminum alloy support rod, while the buckles allow you to quickly adjust the guy lines and make the tent taut.


    • The pyramidal shape makes the tent stand well against the wind.
    • Roof vents prevent condensation from forming inside the tent.
    • The tent is rather quick and easy to set up.
    • Features YKK zippers, which don’t snag on the material.


    • Not suitable for prolonged use in the rain.

    Best for: couples camping in dry weather

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    REI Co-op Wonderland X Tent

    REI Co-op Wonderland X Tent

    Size: 4 person |  Season: 3 | Tent Type: tunnel | Weight (lbs): 35 lbs 1oz | Max Inside Height (in): 75 inches | Floor: 70.5 square feet | Setup Time: 15 mints

    Not all glamping tents are made of cotton. If you need to carry the tent to the campsite, then choosing a polyester model, like this one by REI Co-op, might be what you need.

    But just because it’s made of different materials doesn’t mean this tent is lacking something compared to other models on the list.

    In fact, it has everything you might need, including a huge vestibule that doubles as a living area.

    This is a 4-person tent, so in terms of glamping, it’s mainly designated for two campers.

    But given the ample vestibule, you can definitely have more people without feeling cramped.

    What’s also great is that the clip-in inner tent can be moved back to create a larger hangout space.

    Not just that, but you can remove it entirely to create ample shelter for cooking and eating.

    Also read our full review here: REI Co-op Wonderland 6 Tent Review


    • Very sturdy and suitable for use in all weather elements due to its unique tunnel shape.
    • The inner tent size can be adjusted to create a larger hanging area.
    • End doors and side walls can be made into awnings for additional covered area.
    • Plenty of wall pockets for storing personal items.


    • Setup can be quite difficult until you get the hang of it.

    Best for: campers in need of a versatile shelter

    Check Price at REI

    Naturehike Ranch Pyramid Tent

    Naturehike Ranch Pyramid Tent (5-8p)

    Size: 6 person | Season: 4 | Tent Type: bell, teepee | Weight (lbs): 18.7 lbs | Max Inside Height (in): 66.9 inches | Floor: 19.28㎡” | Setup Time: 15 mints

    This tent by Naturehike is no ordinary teepee.

    During nice weather, you can extend the front and turn it into a large awning, sheltering the relaxation area from weather elements.

    Unlike most Naturehike tents, this one is actually designed for use in less-than-ideal weather.

    The shape prevents water from collecting on the roof, while a 3000mm PU coating ensures nothing seeps through the material.

    The tent also has a layer of silver coating, which prevents UV rays from passing through. This allows you to enjoy sitting under the canopy without worrying about sun damage.

    There’s also a smaller door at the back of the tent in addition to the large front door.

    This makes it easy to get in and out, especially if you’re camping with more people.


    • Features two doors, which make it more convenient to enter and exit.
    • The front can be extended into a large canopy, offering a covered living area.
    • The fabric has a 3000mm PU layer, which makes it suitable for use in heavy rain.
    • Weighs 27 lbs., which is rather light compared to other canvas tents.


    • Can’t use a stove inside.

    Best for: camping in unpredictable weather

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    Types Of Glamping Tents

    Tents come in all shapes and sizes, which is also true for glamping tents.

    The most common shapes are bell, wall, teepee, and yurt. Let’s discuss what each of these shapes has to offer:


    bell tent for glamping

    Bell tents fall somewhere between teepees and yurts. They have rounded footprints and pointed roofs, as well as short-but-straight sidewalls.

    Arguably, bell tents are currently the most popular type when it comes to glamping. The unique shape makes them pretty spacious.

    But not just that – their shape also gives them rather good weather resistance, making them suitable for use during most part of the year.

    What’s more, bell tents are usually rather easy to set up. Like teepees, they typically involve a center pole, while the walls are held taut by guy lines.

    In most cases, one or two people can set a bell tent up easily, regardless of its size.


    wall tent for glamping

    Wall tents are basically canvas houses. By this, I mean they have a shape like one: tall, straight walls and gable roofs.

    They’re also known as “safari” tents, given they’re typically used on African safaris.

    To achieve their shape, wall tents usually have large, metal frames.

    This increases their sturdiness and durability, but also weight, which is something to keep in mind.


    teepee tents for glamping

    Teepee tents are a popular choice for their looks, but their true beauty lies in their weather resistance.

    Their sloped walls prevent wind from catching them like a sail, as well as rain and snow from collecting on the roof.

    What’s also great about teepee tents is the ease of setup, which makes them similar to bell tents.

    However, given their walls are sloped, they offer less interior space compared to a bell tent.


    Yurt Glamping Tent

    Yurt tents have the same construction as actual yurt structures. They’re round, with straight walls and dome roofs.

    They’re rather similar to bell tents, but with higher walls and a rounder rooftop.

    Typically, yurt tents are designed for 8+ people, so they’re quite large.

    This often requires them to have strong frames, which adds to their overall weight.

    What to Look for in Glamping Tents

    What to Look for in Glamping Tents

    With so many different models on the market, choosing the best glamping tent is no easy task. Here are the things to keep an eye on:


    While glamping tents are generally made with durability in mind (after all, their high price must be justified), you should still pay attention to the fabrics used.

    Most glamping tents are made of cotton canvas, which is already a durable material. But you should also pay attention to the weave.

    The strongest of them all is duck canvas, which is heavy-duty and will surely last you a good while.

    When it comes to frames and poles, typically either steel or aluminum is used.

    Between the two, steel is more durable, but aluminum is more flexible, which makes it resist winds better.

    Finally, pay attention to details, especially zippers. Since you’ll be using them to open and close tent doors, the zippers need to be high-quality.

    YKK zippers are probably the best ones out there. They’re extremely durable and don’t snag on the fabric.


    best glamping tent

    Don’t let bad weather destroy your glamping trip.

    Cotton canvas is naturally water-resistant, but the tent will need an additional coating to keep you dry in the case of heavier rain.

    So, if you plan on camping during less-than-ideal weather, make sure the tent is coated with a PU finish of 1200mm or above.

    You also want the tent to be coated against UV rays, as they can pass through the fabric and damage your skin.

    Sleeping Capacity

    Glamping Tent Sleeping Capacity

    As you might have noticed, glamping tents are generally larger than regular ones.

    It makes sense – glamping is all about comfort, and you can’t have that if your camping group is packed like sardines inside the tent.

    Like regular tents, glamping tents will also indicate their sleeping capacity. But they’ll typically also include info like how many air mattresses you can fit inside.

    Plus, if the tent has a built-in stove jack, that space reserved for the stove will be taken into account when determining the sleeping capacity.

    However, which tent size is the best for you depends on how comfortable you want to be during the trip.

    In case you’re camping with just your partner but want to have a queen mattress and a hanging area inside the tent, then go ahead and choose a model with a capacity of four people or more.


    Truth be told, canvas tents aren’t known for being light.

    This is especially the case with glamping models, as they’re usually even larger and are made with more material.

    Still, if you need to walk from your car to the campsite, portability is definitely something to consider.

    Luckily, there are synthetic glamping tents available, which are a better option if you need to carry them.

    Platform Requirements

    Glamping Tent Platforms

    Some glamping tents are designed to be pitched on a platform. This is usually the case with large models featuring sturdy frames – like wall tents.

    These tents are used as more of a permanent shelter, so the platform requirement is understandable.

    However, most models don’t really need a platform. Instead, finding a rather flat surface will suffice for setting them up.

    Heat Source

    Many glamping tents are designed for long-term use, and during colder days, you’ll need something to keep you warm inside.

    That’s why many models come with built-in stove jacks. They allow you to set up a classic wood stove inside the tent for a cozy, home-like atmosphere.

    If you plan on camping between late fall to early spring, this is something to consider.

    However, make sure that the model you go for is also treated with flame retardants to prevent any accidents.

    On the other hand, if you mainly camp during warmer months, you can save some money by choosing a model without the stove jack.

    Electrical Port

    An electrical port is not really a must, but it’s a nice feature to have.

    Sure, you can always string an extension cord through the tent door, but that leaves enough room for tiny insects to get inside.

    E-ports solve that issue, as they feature flaps that overlap and leave no room for anything else but the cord.

    That way, neither bugs nor rain can get inside.


    Let’s be real – looks matter, right?

    I mean, having a high-quality tent is great, but it’s even better when it’s pleasant to the eyes as well.

    Of course, aesthetics are a personal preference.

    I, for instance, adore the way bell-style tents look. My friend, on the other hand, is in love with teepee models.

    Of course, before choosing one, make sure that it checks other boxes as well.

    There’s no point in choosing a teepee tent if you’re camping with a bunch of people that can’t even fit into that tent style.


    How Do Glamping Tents Differ From Traditional Camping Tents?

    Glamping tents are designed to provide more comfort than traditional tents. That’s why they’re much larger in size – almost like a cabin.

    Are Glamping Tents Typically More Expensive Than Regular Camping Tents?

    Given they’re much larger in size and usually made with high-end materials, glamping tents are more expensive than regular ones.

    Can Glamping Tents Be Used In All Types Of Weather?

    That depends on the materials used. Most glamping tents are made of canvas, which is a material suitable for year-round camping.

    However, to be able to resist rain and snow, a canvas tent also needs to be treated with a water-resistant layer, which is not always the case.

    How Long Do Glamping Tents Typically Last?

    If taken proper care of, a glamping tent can last you for years, even decades.

    What Are Some Common Amenities That Come With Glamping Tents?

    Glamping tents typically have large doors and windows, allowing light and air to get inside.

    They also often come with awnings, providing an external living area.

    Finally, many models have built-in stove jacks, for cooking and heating during colder days.

    How Do Glamping Tents Enhance The Overall Camping Experience?

    A glamping tent provides unmatched comfort when camping.

    They’re typically large enough to make you feel at home.

    If they are done right, they will allow you to bring anything you want, from an air mattress, to a table with chairs, to even a wood stove for cooking.

    To Sum Things Up

    There are some amazing glamping tents out there, all of which can turn camping into a luxury trip in nature.

    Among them, Avalon by White Duck proves to be the best on the market. It’s spacious, comfortable, durable, and versatile.

    It’s basically a canvas house, and it’s perfect for both short and long-term camping trips.

    However, there are many models of glamping tents on the market that will make sure your camping trip is nothing less than glamorous.

    If you take the time to consider what exactly you want from your tent and do your due diligence while researching, you will end up with the best glamping tent for you.

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