Camping Axe – Camping Hatchet with Sheath -Survival Throwing Axe – Survival Hatchets for Camping and Chopping Wood – Tactical and Survival Hatchet – Bushcraft Axe for Camping

    Price: $24.97
    (as of Mar 14,2023 02:35:06 UTC – Details)

    ???????? American Owned Company Backing Our Hatchet With A LIFE TIME WARRANTY ????????
    ???? AXE THROWING ????
    ????️ CAMPING AXE ????
    ???? HIKING AXE ????
    ????????‍???? GARDENING AXE ????
    ????‍♂️ ????‍♀️ ZOMBIE AXE ????

    ⚖️LIGHTWEIGHT – Hatchet Head Only 1.3 Lbs (600g)
    ????THROWING AXE – Slim Profile Style Head Ideal As A Throwing Axe
    ????DURABLE – Tough Carbon Steel Head + Military Grade Fiberglass Handle = RELIABILTY –> The Axe Will Be There When You Need It
    ⛑️SAFETY & SHARPNESS – Like A Kitchen Knife, A Sharper Blade Results In A Safer Use, As The Tools Is Able To Do The Work
    ⚔️SHARP STEEL HEAD – Which Easily Resharpens With Our SG Sharpening Stone
    ????️SHEATH – Heavy Duty Ballistic 1680D Grade Nylon sheath
    ????EASY USE – Ergonomic Handle Shape Allows For Easy Use And Shocked Absorption

    Throwing Axe – ultra lightweight, super slim head profile reflect the industry standard for axe throwing.
    Camping & Hiking Axe – our own real field experiences and preferences refined the final design in which we blacked out our hatchet to make the ideal survival axe to be your camping bushcraft axe.
    Survival & Bushcraft Axe – All blacked out hatchets for camping and survival axe designed to blend into your gear and the environment.
    Multi Use Tool – acting as a multitool with its hatchet blade and flat hammer back perfect for driving stakes and on wildlife game. Further field test through backpacking hikes and camping helped refining to our preferences to an ultra lightweight handle and durable sheath protecting the steel hatchet head resulting in your camping hatchet for life.
    Multiple Uses – Axe Throwing, Chopping Wood, Clearing Brush, A Must Gardening Tool, Hammer For Driving Steaks, Great For Cleaning Game, Keeping The Zombie Hordes At Bay
    ???? THROWING AXE ???? – Specifically narrow profile allows for perfect performance as a throwing axe. Ultra sharp head ideal for axe throwing. Designing a throwing axe its weight, sharpness and durability have all been taking into account without compromise allowing you to use in any level of competition.
    ????️ SURVIVAL CAMPING AXE ???? – Lightweight black military grade fiberglass handle keeps weight down allowing it to be packed in your camping gear. Hatchet head is at the ideal angle for effectively cutting through brush and chopping wood.
    ????️ HEAVY DUTY SHEATH – Ballistic nylon sheath specifically tailored to 7SG’s hatchet head to ensure your blade stay sharp and your loved one and you stay safe. Multiple openings flaps allow you to quickly access and use your hatchet for camping and survival. Two adjacent hooking loops at the top of the sheath allow for it to be hung and secured regardless of orientation.
    ???? EASY FOR ALL TO USE – Ideal weight as a camp axe with ergonomic handle design allow for anyone competent of your hiking or camping group to effectively swing the hatchet for chopping wood, clearing brush, using to secure stakes, clean game, or even in your arsenal of garden tools.
    ⚒️ TACTICAL SURVIVAL AXE & HAMMER – All blacked out hatchets for camping and survival axe designed to blend into your gear and the environment. A lightweight and versatile tool with ideal 20 degree head angle for cutting and chopping with flat back head perfect for driving stakes, acting as a hammer much needed tool in the field.

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