Dome X4 | Freestanding Dome Hot Tent | POMOLY (with a Fireproof Ground Sheet)

    Price: $560.00
    (as of Jan 31,2023 04:49:32 UTC – Details)

    The jack stove with velcro can be easily used for renewal, and the outside is equipped with a placket and a waterproof zipper to enhance the waterproof performance. The ground sheet with fireproof cloth is suitable for most tent stoves on the market. Removable buckle-in ground sheet for ice fishing. The detachable triangular mesh at the top can be used to dry wet gloves and socks. The outer tent is equipped with three controllable triangular vents, which can improve the ventilation inside the tent. The three doors are double-layer design, and No-see-um bug mesh on all doors and vents. All seams are treated with waterproof taping to ensure no leaks in rain or snow. The inner tent is made of waterproof fabric and can easily accommodate the camping cot.
    40D Ripstop Silnylon PU3000mm
    POMOLY Dome X4 is a free-standing dome shaped tent designed for winter camping. Dome X4 is a convenient and solid tent for 2 people with wood stove. When using the inner tent, there is spacious room for 2 people. The 6 tent poles of the Dome X4 are all the same length. The Dome X4 adopts a point symmetric and linear symmetric structure, so it can withstand severe weather and heavy snow.
    The detachable ground sheet of Dome X4 is specially designed for the wood stove. There is a piece of heat-resistant fabric right below the stove jack, so even if the burning carbon fire falls on the floor mat, it won’t burn the ground sheet. If we remove the ground sheet, the X4 will become a hot tent for ice fishing. With the addition of a stove as a heat source, fishing and cooking in the tent will be more comfortable.
    Dome X4 tent is up to 4 person in size or provides a spacious living space inside for a solo camper with tent stove, and it has three doors on both the inner and outer tents for direct entry and exit from the inner tent.

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