EPOMAKER EP75 75% Hot Swap BT5.0/2.4G/USB-C Wired Gaming Mechanical Keyboard with 10000mAh Battery, RGB Backlights, Double Shot PBT Keycaps for Linux/Win/Mac(Pampas, Gateron Pro Yellow Switch)

    Price: $114.98 - $99.99
    (as of Feb 11,2023 12:12:05 UTC – Details)

    Product Description

    EPOMAKER EP75 Featuring Large Capacity Battery for wireless use, designed for wirelss gaming keyboard enthusiasts. With its hot swappable PCB, Triple Mode Connection, and the Pampas theme EPOMAKER-SA Profile PBT keycaps, EP75 gives you a high-end typing experience and endless possibilities.

    An Epic Core Inside The Keyboard

    A powerful ultra-low-power NXP chip is equiped with this keyboard, thus EP75 surpassed other 75% wireless keyboards on the market because it can last for 2000 hours with rgb lights off, 2.4G wireless provides lower latency and higher stability. You can get rid of delayed input in wireless mode, seamlessly switch between different wireless devices at ease. Moreover, software can be connected at one second, not only default layer but also the FN layer opens up more customization for the players.


    EP75 Triple Mode Connection

    Seamlessly connecting with up to 5 devices, EP75 can satisfy your multitasking needs at any time.

    EP75 10000mah Long-Lasting Battery

    Ensures long wireless using time. Pressing FN+Space to check the remaining power of the keyboard.

    EP75 EP75 Support Linux/Win/Mac

    The software is only available on Win/Mac devices.

    1 Triple Mode Connection 2 10000mah Battery 3 Intuitive Indicator Light 4 Linux/Win/Mac

    ep75ep75 Hot-swappable PCB

    The EP75 keyboard is hot-swappable, allowing you to easily replace or upgrade your switches without soldering and to enjoy a different typing experience free of restriction.


    Moulded with the double-shot PBT process and designed as ESA Profile, the all-new pampas PBT keycaps sport an ergonomic rounded-corner, flatter design, as well as grease resistant and scratch resistant surfaces that retain their stunning look and feel even after extensive uses.


    Q: Why the Windows key does not work? A: You may press FN+Win to see if the Win key is locked or not.

    Q: How to factory reset the keyboard? A: Long press FN+ESC for 3 seconds.

    Q: How to switch RGB light effect and side light effect?

    A: RGB Backlight Settings: FN + BACKSPACE = Turn off/on the backlight; FN + END = Switch the backlight mode; FN + HOME = Switch the light color. Side light Settings: FN + R-CTRL = Toggle the side glow effect; FN + R-ALT = Toggle the side light color

    Q: How to connect the bluetooth of the keyboard? A: First you may need to turn on the wireless switch on back of the keyboard, then Long press the FN+1/2/3 for 3 seconds, the keyboard will start pairing and the light under the 1/2/3 key will flash quickly. Select the keyboard’s name on your device’s bluetooth list and then connect it.”

    Q: How to check the remaining power of the keyboard? A: When the backlight is turned on, press the key combination Fn+Space, the backlight will turn off,and the number keys 1 to 0 will light up to display the power ratio. Example 1-5 key light on means 50%, 1-8 key light on means 80%……

    Q: Can we adjust the height of the keyboard? A: The EP75 is design with two-stage height kickstand thus you may choose three different keyboard height to fit your typing habbit

    Q: Is there a 2.4G receiver storage slot built in the keyboard?A: Yes, you may find it on the side of the keyboard.

    【75% 82 Keys Mechanical Gaming Keyboard】 Designed in popular 75% layout, EPOMAKER EP75 will surely take a place in your keyboard collection. The preferred 75% layout offers both typing comfort and space consciousness that maximizes function while not waste a minimum of space. It’s only about 33cm in length and 13.8 in width, leaving enough space for mouse. This layout is widely used and loved by the community and EP75 will surely beyond your expectation with its practical but aesthetic design
    【Three Modes of Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0&2.4G&Type-C Cable】Equipped with a phenomenal 10000mAh large capacity battery, EPOMAKER EP75 keyboard can work up to 50 hours with RGB backlight on. Being triple modes means you can enjoy wireless and wired connections. By the wireless option, either Bluetooth (up to 5.0) or 2.4GHz can be chosen. To facilitate the operation, different modes can be switched easily via pressing FN+1/2/3(Bluetooth)/4(2.4G)/5(USB-C Wired), seamlessly and rapidly
    【Battery Indicator Light&EPOMAKER Custom Switches】To maintain stable and premium typing experience, EPOMAKER EP75 keyboard adopts EPOMAKER Custom Flamingo/Budgerigar and G-Pro yellow switches. All switches are durable and reliable with real feedback from the community. Moreover, a battery indicator light is added to this model for early alarm of low battery. No more worry about low battery in any occasion
    【3 Pin/5 Pin Hot Swappable Gaming Keyboard】To provide more possibilities and fun, EPOMAKER EP75 also comes with a hot swappable PCB that support both 3 pin and 5 pin mechanical switches. Hot swappable socket provides convenience for those who like to change switches for a different typing feel. This means you can use any other mechanical switches you like on the V65 without any need for soldering
    【EPOMAKER Pampas PBT Keycaps】To match with EP75, we finally decided to go with EPOMAKER Pampas PBT keycaps. Inspired by the vast plains in Argentina, a creation named Pampas came into our mind immediately. Pampas adopts extremely simple colors, such as light blue and white. Two concise colors has much imagery and significance behind it.

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