Go Outfitters Gear Loft for Hammock Camping – Ample Storage Space for Your Gear – Hangs from Your Hammock Ridgeline

    Price: $23.99
    (as of Feb 16,2023 06:17:42 UTC – Details)

    The Gear Loft is an expandable pouch for your hammock that can hold a lot of your gear. It hangs from your hammock’s ridgeline (ridgeline not included). You’ll be amazed at how much you can fit in the Gear Loft.

    Pocket Mode

    This mode is great for storing several small-to-medium-sized items. The elastic drawstrings automatically close the pocket, concealing the contents.

    For this mode, tie two prusik knots to the ridgeline and clip the two included carabiners to the loops. I’ll demonstrate how to tie this simple knot at the end of this video.

    Sliding the loops away from each other on the ridgeline will cause the Gear Loft to lengthen, forming a sleek storage pocket.

    Moving the loops closer to each other a little will loosen the Gear Loft and it will hang lower. This allows it to expand, which is great for large, bulky items like top quilts and underquilts. You’ll be amazed at how much you can fit in the Gear Loft.

    Pouch Mode

    Positioning the loops near each other and tightening up the built-in drawstrings will create a large hanging pouch that will hold a lot of your gear.

    You can position the Gear Loft anywhere on the ridgeline you’d like. When it’s near the foot end of your hammock, it allows you to use this weather-protected space that’s normally wasted. This is an ideal place to store your gear because it’s out of your way, off of the ground, and protected from rain by your hammock tarp.

    The Gear Loft is designed to last a lifetime. It’s made from the same heavy-duty 70D nylon as our hammocks. After you try it out, it will become an essential part of your kit.
    Hammock camping is better with the Gear Loft. Provides a large, dry storage area that is protected by your hammock tarp
    Hangs from your hammock ridgeline with included carabiners and rope loops (ridgeline sold separately)
    Sleek and compact but it expands to hold large, bulky items such as top quilts, underquilts, coats, etc.
    Includes a free stuff sack that you can use to hold small items when using your Gear Loft

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