Life Tent Emergency Survival Shelter 2 Person Emergency Use As Survival Tent Shelter Tube Survival Tarp

    Price: $19.97
    (as of Feb 15,2023 04:41:09 UTC – Details)

    Are you planning to go hiking or an outdoor trip with your partner?

    Now you can be confident that you will be able to escape the elements and stay alive in an emergency with our survival shelter.

    This 2 person emergency tube tent is designed for survival with a compact and lightweight design so you can take it anywhere.

    It’s constructed of extra thick tear and puncture resistant material and includes 20 feet of 550 lb parachute cord so you have a survival tent you can count on to protect you from the harsh elements and stay alive.

    – Color: Orange
    – Dimensions: 51.1 x 82.6 inches
    – Weight: 0.5 lbs
    – Waterproof and windproof

    Use occasions:

    1. After an accident, an emergency tent can be used to cover the body to prevent a sharp drop in body temperature;

    2. When a vehicle breaks down in a cold area or at night an emergency tent can be used to keep the body warm;

    3. The emergency tent can be used as a reflective film to send a signal to rescuers;
    4. On rainy days, the first aid tent can be used as a rain poncho; it can be opened to make a canopy;
    5. In summer, parking under direct sunlight, cover the front windshield of the car with the first aid tent which can reduce the heat absorption in the car;

    Easy to install:

    Simply remove it from the gear bag, run the 20-foot parachute cord through both ends of the tube tent, and tie between two trees or sturdy objects 3-4 feet off the ground.

    Use rocks or gears to anchor the corners of the tent and climb inside to escape the elements.

    Our emergency tent reflects up to 90% heat to help conserve body heat in cold weather.

    [Tip: In hot conditions, turn the tent inside out to point the silver side out to reflect heat away].
    MUST HAVE SURVIVAL GEAR – A tent constructed of extra thick, tear and puncture resistant polyethylene material that blocks rain, wind and snow. Waterproof and windproof, it has enough space for two people to keep your body warm and dry.
    EASY TO SET UP – Simply thread the 20ft parachute cord through the mylar tent and tie between two trees. If you can’t find trees around you, you can easily use it as an emergency sleeping bag.
    KEEPS YOU DRY, WARM, AND ALIVE – Ultralight and compact, sets up quickly in a room for two adults. Store these emergency tents everywhere: in your car, survival kit, first aid kit, emergency bag, survival kit, earthquake kit and backpacks.
    ULTRALIGHT AND COMPACT SURVIVAL SHELTER – Weighing only 8.82 oz and packed in a 5.9 x 3.5 inch bag, your Life Tent is constructed from extra thick material with a tear and puncture resistant coating to protect you in a survival situation.
    WE STAND FOR HIGH QUALITY AND PROVIDE 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – If at any point you are not satisfied with any of our products, simply write us a message and we will refund your purchase or send you a replacement within 24 hours.

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