nuphy Air60 Portable Wireless Keyboard, 60% Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard, Supports Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4G and Wired Connection, Compatible with Windows and Mac OS Systems-Gateron Brown Switch

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    (as of Feb 11,2023 12:15:36 UTC – Details)

    Product Description



    NuPhy Air60 Wireless Keyboard Specification Details:

    Switch type: low-profile gateron mechanical

    Layout: ansi 60%

    Number of keys: 64 keys Hot-Swappable support: yes N-key rollover support: yes

    Backlight & Sidelight: rgb-led

    Backlight modes: 20

    Sidelight modes: 4

    Mode: 2.4G wireless, bluetooth 5.0 or wired

    Battery capacity: 2500mAh

    Working time: up to 48 hours (lab test result)

    Connection type: usb type-c

    Compatible system: macos/windows/android/ios

    Angle: 3.5º/ 6.5º with magnetic foot

    Frame: aluminum,Bottom case: abs,Keycap: pbt

    Dimensions:11.7 inch x 4.2 inch x 0.67 inch/297.3 mm x 107.2 mm x 17.0 mm

    Weight:1.0 pound/453g

    wireless keyboardwireless keyboard

    Air60 wireless keyboard is a brand new version of NuType F1

    1.The F1 is the first keyboard produced by NuPhy, and it has been welcomed by many people after its launch. The innovative foot pad design and compact keyboard body allow it to replace the notebook keyboard and can be directly mounted on the notebook keyboard. Air60 is our second-generation product. On the basis of F1, we have made a lot of optimizations and made great progress on the basis of F1.

    2.The battery capacity has increased from 1800 mAh to 2500 mAh, and the battery life has been improved to a certain extent; in the design of the keycap, the Air60 wireless keyboard is made of PBT material, and the spherical surface will increase the contact area between the finger and the keycap, improving typing feel; and the keycap will be larger than the F1 keycap, this design can reduce the probability of us pressing the wrong character.

    3.In order to allow Air60 to be mounted on more types of laptops as much as possible, we designed and improved the foot pads at the bottom, from the original “T” shape to “—” shape, which can adapt to most of the current computers, Includes all Macbook models.

    4.Compared with the first-generation F1 or Air75, the Air60 is smaller and lighter, so it will surpass the previous keyboard in terms of portability. If you need to travel frequently or take the keyboard out, the Air60 will undoubtedly be a better choice.

    wireless keyboardwireless keyboard

    What this project delivers is the brown switch of Air60 wireless keyboard, gateron Low-Profile Brown is tactile-style switch. A good blend of typing and gaming. Brown is widely considered to be the best “middle-ground” switch. Its tactile bump, silent travel, and medium actuation force makes it a versatile switch.

    wireless keyboardwireless keyboard

    Items Included in the Air60 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Package

    -1 x air60 wireless mechanical keyboard

    -1 x usb-c to usb-c cable (0.2 m)

    -1 x usb-c to usb-a cable (1.5 m)

    -1 x 2.4g receiver

    -1 x keycap/switch puller

    -1 x quick guide/poster

    -1 x stickers

    -2 x magnetic foot

    -3 x extra keycaps

    -3 x extra switches

    wireless keyboardwireless keyboard

    Question and Answer

    Q1:Air60 mechanical keyboard could be used on windows?

    A1:Yes, we have designed the corresponding windows keycaps and put them in the accessories.

    Q2:Can Air60 fit on my 2021 Macbook?

    A2:Yes, it fits all series of macbooks.

    Q3:Does it work as an ipad keyboard?

    A3:Of course, with the NuFolio V2 we designed, it can bring a better experience.

    Orange Black White White

    ✨【The new upgrade】:NuType F1 is highly praised by many users. On this basis, we have upgraded NuType F1 in all aspects and got the latest Air60 low-shaft mechanical keyboard. It adopts 60% layout (64 keys), bright color scheme, and the design of low shaft will not hurt your wrist after using the keyboard for a long time. The wide keycap design can help reduce the number of keystroke errors.
    ?【Three-mode design】:Each user’s usage is different. Based on user needs, we try to adapt the Air60 to as many users as possible, so the Air60 keyboard supports 2.4G, Bluetooth wireless connection and type C wired connection, and can connect up to 4 equipments at the same time to meet more complex user needs.
    ?【Alternative laptop keyboard】:The four foot pads on the back of the Air60 can be perfectly embedded between the keys of the notebook keyboard. Typing on the Air60 will not touch the notebook keyboard at the bottom, giving notebook users a better typing experience. It is compatible with most laptops on the market, including the latest Macbooks.
    ?【60% Portable Keyboard】:Compared with Air75, Air60 has no F area and will be smaller in size. If you don’t use F area often, Air60 is undoubtedly a better choice for use on the go; if you often use a laptop, Air60 can be perfectly placed. On the keyboard of the notebook computer, it is currently suitable for the vast majority of computers on the market, especially the Mac series, and it is more convenient to carry.
    ?【2500mAh battery】:The battery size of the Air60 wireless keyboard is 2500 mAh. The laboratory test time is more than 48 hours, which can meet the needs of a week of office work. When the backlight mode is turned off, the use time can be greatly increased.

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