Roptat Campsite Storage Strap with 12 PCS Buckles&6 Clothes Pins Clothesline Hanging Gear for Tent Campers Car Camping Garden Supplies Family RV Trailer Hanging Gear (with Buckles)

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    Roptat Campsite Storage Strap with 8 pcs Ring Buckle&4pcs S Buckle&6 Clothes Pins can be your best camp outdoor activity companion

    Super practical camping gadgets storage outdoor camping must haves gear and accessories

    The strong and durable campsite storage strap with stainless metal clothes is best clotheslines for camping clothes,it like manual clothes dryer and versatile,perfect for family camping equipment,outdoor camping,great for hanging clothes outside without installing a permanent line.

    It also with stainless metal ring buckle and S buckle can hang different accessories for camping,like camper pots and pans for travel trailers food camp rv cooking accessories utensils,travel cookware,perfect for hanging tent lights/ camp kitchen equipment/hammock accessories /hiking / backpacking / picnic/ traveling / fishing / other outdoor explorations.

    As a new sports outdoor brand, we are committed to developing high-quality and practical outdoor gear and accessiories at an affordable cost . We hope that the products produced attentively by us can inspire you to go out of nature and enjoy our beautiful world.



    Camper clothes storage ideas ,As a long-time camper, both RV-ing and tenting, we’ve encountered many conditions where stuff had to be dried out after rain showers, kayaking, downpours,’s so versatile you can really hang anything on it, whether you want something to dry out, or you just want to remember where you hung it, It’s camping must have.



    Not only just a laundry drying rope,the little slots within the clothesline hold the hangers to prevent them from all rolling into one another,keep the clothes separated.There’s no way a hanger can fly off the line if the wind picks up.if you are camping outdoors, This multi-purpose lanyard can be used indoors or outdoors as a hanging storage system for many clever purposes – making the most of vertical storage space, hanging items, and keeping the space tidy.



    Going to hang it up in our tent from corner to corner & use it for hanging all the little things we always lose in the tent – flashlights, water bottle, TP, etc,

    festival holiday flashlights.

    Stainless metal accessories

    8 pcs Ring Buckle&4pcs S Buckle&6 Clothes Pins

    Stainless metal buckles&clothespins these stainless steel accessories don’t bend, snap, or otherwise break. After using for a long time, they still work well like new.The clothespins are made of high quality stainless steel, that keep these cute pins away from moisture, and not rust,ring buckle&4pcs s buckle can meet your different stuff hanging request.

    Rugged and durable Multiple accessories Convenient installation Wide range of uses Light carrying belt


    Durable and strong :Our campsite rope storage is made of premium nylon material with sturdy stitching will hold 150 lbs, the ring hook is made of high quality and durable light aircraft aluminum alloy, S Buckle&6 Clothes Pins is made of stainless steel
    Windproof and sturdy:Campsite rope storage have 20pcs lock hook lanyard Prevent items from colliding together, effectively prevent falling off, and make full use of the vertical storage space ,the lock hook can hang different camping accessories.
    Practical & Functional Clips:It comes with a bag of clips.6* Clothes Pins 8* Ring Buckle 4* S Buckle,to meet your different storge request,it is your hammock camp kitchen equipment must haves.
    Portable & Easy Taken:This hanging strap Really light ,easy to set up,Long enough.Perfect for organizing your camping lantern /lights/clothes/cooking gear for camping, keeping your campsite organized.
    Versatility:Great to use camping/hiking / backpacking / picnic/ traveling / fishing / in a utility trailer/outside, etc.Went backpacking in winter, great for keeping things out of the snow and off the ground.

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