SANSBUG 1-Person Popup Screen Tent (Tarp Floor)

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    Let your baby or toddler enjoy a truly memorable afternoon amid a field of sweet-smelling wild flowers. The incredible SansBug bug tent can ensure your escapade goes off without a hitch. Let the fresh air drift in while keeping any flying or crawling critters out. SansBug provides an instant cocoon to help you de-stress, unwind and escape the natural way.


    The SansBug screen tent provides the ideal siesta just about anywhere, even after your four-hour ultimate Frisbee marathon in Central Park. Bring it with you to picnics, events and outdoor exhibits to shield yourself, your family and your meal from crawling insects, bees, flies and mosquitoes.


    The SansBug bug hut is essential beachside camping gear – from the shores of Hawaii to the Bahamas. Enjoy an exhaustive day surfing, snorkeling or shelling in the sun, then fall asleep to the crash of waves just outside your ocean-side bungalow. Unique and affordable, the SansBug helps you enjoy paradise like never before.


    There’s little quite as serene as listening to the sound of a fresh rolling stream and the melody of native birds. The SansBug pop-up mosquito net gives you the freedom to delve deep into the woods and enjoy all of its beauty while shielding you from the sting, itch and disease spread by ticks and mosquitoes.





    SansBug foldingSansBug folding

    So… what’s the deal with folding this contraption???

    Folding the SansBug is not intuitive. The paper instruction manual is only supplementary. The demo video is crucial without which you will likely want to cut the net into pieces and burn it.

    Even if you are a rocket scientist, you still need to watch the demo video multiple times. No shortcuts with this one! You can get the hang of it for one summer and you’ll think you got it down but you DO need to watch the video AGAIN the following year BEFORE going to camp (there might not be WiFi).

    cot at summer camp in platform tentcot at summer camp in platform tent

    Ummm… it looks kinda big. Are you sure it can fit on top of a cot?

    For the past 12 years, campers in platform tents have been using the 1-person net on a cot. Even though the SansBug is longer and wider than a cot, it can lay squarely on it with some overhang. The SansBug is wide so that you can comfortably sleep without fear of touching the sides and being bit through the mesh. Therefore, there will be some overhang when you lay it on a cot. This is actually a good thing – the further the netting is away from you, the better for you! For narrow platform tents, read the tip below.

    Cot in platform tent positioned perpendicularlyCot in platform tent positioned perpendicularly

    Will the 1-person mosquito net fit in the platform tents at summer camp?

    Lots of summer camps like Rodney Scout Reservation and Camp Read have platform tents that are wide enough to fit two 1-person SansBugs with sufficient space between them.

    For tents that are narrow, we suggest positioning the cots sideways (rotate 90°) so the slope of the SansBug aligns with the slope of the canvas wall tent as shown in the picture.


    Tarp or Poly?

    Some users mentioned that the tarp makes noise when you move in your sleep, so we came up with a 1-person poly floor version. The poly is softer, lighter and not as bulky as the tarp. So if you’re using the net to lay on a smooth and soft surface, like a (air-)mattress or carpet, then you should go with the poly floor. But if you’re using the net to lay on a camping cot or on the ground, then get the tarp which is more durable. You could also use the poly floor outdoors but make sure you use a groundsheet underneath (the groundsheet is always a good idea even with the tarp floor as it is easier to replace a groundsheet than to replace a sewn-in floor). Otherwise, both 1-person nets are identical.

    disaster reliefdisaster relief

    SansBug or….?

    The SansBug screen tent has been used by the US and Canadian military, disaster response volunteers in Haiti, Guam and Puerto Rico, ecologists in Madagascar and doctors in the Amazon jungle. It is an essential item for scout camp to use on a cot in canvas wall tents or bunk beds in Adirondack cabins (lean-tos) and should be on the top of a mission trip packing list.

    When not being used at summer camp, it can also moonlight as a baby bug tent, meditation tent or a mobile catio for cats and other small pets to enjoy the outdoors! Roomy, lightweight, portable and durable, the free-standing mesh tent pops open in ONE second and folds down in less than five seconds! Choose the original mosquito net tent.

    Free-standing bug net that pops open instantly into shape to provide a safe refuge – simply slide off the elastic strap and toss up into the air away from you. No assembly required! Can be used indoors or outdoors.
    Waterproof tarp floor; Zippered door; Fully enclosed with no-see-um netting to prevent flying critters, creepy crawlies or slithering snakes (no-see-um netting has much smaller holes than mosquito netting); Fiberglass poles.
    The net is folded into a large flat disc which is 26 inches wide. The 26 inch disc will NOT fit in your luggage. Please take a tape measure and visualize the size before you buy it.
    Weighs only 2.5 lbs! Inside length: 86 inches (usable length: 6 feet), inside width: 39 inches, Height: 35 inches. Even though it is longer and wider than a cot, it can still lay on it. It is wide so you can comfortably sleep without fear of touching the sides and being bit through the mesh. Unlike other nets in which you can only lie down, you can sit up in the SansBug. If you need more space, get the SansBug 2- or 3-person net which provides 7 feet of usable length.
    Save yourself the frustration by CAREFULLY watching the demo video MULTIPLE times before folding it. Understand the steps. Don’t give up. You can do it! Folding should take seconds once you get the hang of it but you DO need to watch the demo video SEVERAL times. Fiberglass poles are strong but they will splinter if incorrectly folded!

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