SUV Tents for Camping Car Tents for Campers Multipurpose Truck Tent Camping Tent Connected to Vehicle Universal Fit

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    Pros of the Pumbba SUV Tent: Universal fit Can function as a standalone tent Maximum ventilation with Four entrance doors Easy access in&out Four seasons Super easy to set up More of a space extender than a tent Up to four people can sleep comfortably


    This tent will help you allocate more space for your outdoor adventures.whether you’re going on a picnic, fishing trip, tailgating, or camping trip. Even if you don’t intend on leaving the house, you can set it up in your backyard for a nice night under the stars with your kids or significant others.

    Four Season

    And just in case the weather takes a turn, it’s been engineered rugged with premium fabrics and materials that’ll keep you comfortably rested for the adventures ahead. Providing a warm, dry base for you and your friends to camp on. And best of all, none of this requires the use of a field trap.

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    The D-type design is very rainproof and easy to build. We use proprietary nylon ripstop fabrics that are abrasion-resistant, tear-resistant, and fluorocarbon-free DWR coated to extend the life of the Pumbba.

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    Tent is a convenient accessory to have around for your cross-country trips, the Pumbba is the ultimate camper setup for any vehicle. It straps tightly to the truck and cap. Nice and spacious inside and setup and attachment were easy.


    Suits any car thanks to its custom vehicle sleeve, will keep you dry even if it rains. If you want a standalone tent, simply close the vehicle sleeves and you’ll have one.

    Easy to assemble






    Insert 2 long fiberglass poles into pole sleeves,Insert 5 short poles on the side.


    Attach the straps from the vehicle sleeve around the roof rack and tighten.


    Extend the adjustable long straps to the car handle of vehicle.


    Hook two bottom outside sleeve straps to wheel and tighten.Stake down entire tent.

    Multipurpose – they can be used as standalone units or as a trunk tent when connected to your cargo area. It can be used to house extra people or store equipment, as a sleeping space for your dog, or as a dressing room. This tent is suitable for a weekend at the state park or on a cross-country trail.
    Universal Fit – Suits any car thanks to its custom vehicle sleeve, will keep you dry even if it rains. If you want a standalone tent, simply close the vehicle sleeves and you’ll have one.
    A lot of flexibility – allowing you to switch to the car when it gets cold or a downpour surprises you. Disconnect the tent if you need to drive away to get supplies. It will remain self-contained until you return. After that you should hitch it up to your car once more.
    Doubles the amount of room – with a spacious 10×5 interior and 7.2 feet of headroom, pumbba tent is a roomy model that can comfortably accommodate up to four people. For easy ventilation, the tent comes with four doors.
    Four-season compatible – made of water-resistant fabric with tape-sealed seams to keep you warm while also protecting you from wet and damp surfaces. New strong tent poles architecture boosts wind stability.Erecting the tent is a can get the tent up and run in under 10 minutes.

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