VHG Innovation Tent Pyramid Tipi Tent Outdoor Camipng 4-6 Persons Large Tent 40D/210T Windproof Tent 3 Season with Snow Skirt Camping Tent (Color : Green)

    Price: $817.85
    (as of Mar 04,2023 10:42:07 UTC – Details)

    As a very convenient tent, it works well on most occasions.
    Elastic rope and adjustment buckle: The inner tent adopts elastic rope, which can effectively reduce the vibration of the inner tent and prevent wind disturbance. Use adjustment straps to adjust the tightness of the tent
    Thickened zipper windproof board: effectively prevent the embarrassment of the zipper from clamping the fabric, and play a role of wind and rain.
    Seamless thermal bonding: Sanfeng storage tent uses seamless thermal bonding technology in the reinforcement part to increase aesthetics and strength.
    Capacity: 4-6 people
    Adapt to the season: 4 seasons tent
    Packing size: 54x25x15cm support
    Diameter: 19mm
    Area: 12㎡
    Height: 2.15m-2.3 m
    Tent diameter: 4.2m
    Packing list: Outer tent (210T / 40D) / hexagonal floor nails * 14 (floor nail storage bag) / 7075 aluminum alloy tent pole (upright storage) / positioning plate + positioning rope / fireproof cloth for chimney opening / tent storage bag
    Note: Internal tent and floor need to be purchased separately
    Material: Polyester fiber PU coating material
    Net weight: 3320g
    Waterproof: 5000 +
    Color: Khaki dark green skirt
    Material: nylon silicon coating material
    Net weight: 3090g
    Waterproof: 5000 +
    Suitable for outdoor camping or enjoying family time at home in the yard.

    Adjustable snow skirt: adjust the use of high and low hanging points to adapt to different environments. High-hanging point: The snow skirt stays on the floor to keep the wind warm. Low hanging point: the snow skirt is off the ground and ventilated in a cool and cold environment.
    Internal account space: Adjustable internal account hanging points to expand the use area of the hall.
    Adjustable ground cloth: The ground cloth can be adjusted to meet different needs.
    Top hook: A hook is designed on the top of the inner account to hang camping lights, which can keep it bright even in the wild.
    kids can take naps inside the camping tent and adults will enjoy their time outside.

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