VHG Innovation Tent Tent Canvas Waterproof Mongolian Yurt Tent Double Layers Teepee Tent Outdoor Camping Family Tent Pyramids Tent Camping Tent (Size : 6M)

    Price: $2,536.77
    (as of Mar 01,2023 11:54:05 UTC – Details)

    As a very convenient tent, it works well on most occasions.
    Sport:‎Camping & Hiking
    3m cotton cloth:
    Capacity: 3-5 people
    4 small windows
    Tent size: 300*300*200/60cm
    Entrance width: 160cm (62inch)
    Entrance height: 175cm (68inch)
    Packing size: 112*25*25cm
    Package weight: 20kg
    4m cotton cloth:
    Capacity: 5-8 people
    4 small windows
    Tent size: 400*400*250/60cm
    Entrance width: 160cm (62inch)
    Entrance height: 180cm (70inch)
    Packing size: 100*29*29cm
    Package weight: 27kg
    5m cotton cloth:
    Capacity: 8-10 people
    4 large windows
    Tent size: 500*500*300/80cm
    Entrance width: 170cm (66inch)
    Entrance height: 220cm (80inch)
    Packing size: 112*33*33cm
    Package weight: 37kg
    6m cotton cloth:
    Capacity: 10-12 people
    4 small windows
    Tent size: 600*600*350/80cm
    Entrance width: 180cm (70inch)
    Entrance height: 230cm (90inch)
    Packing size: 132*34*34cm
    Package weight: 47kg
    Suitable for outdoor camping or enjoying family time at home in the yard.

    It can be waterproof and can easily cope with changing outdoor weather.
    The top cloth is breathable, wear-resistant and tear-resistant, and the seams are all made of high-temperature glue technology to prevent rain everywhere.The support rod adopts 38-45mm galvanized steel pipe, thickness 2.0T.
    Semi-circular ventilation windows, each window adopts a semi-circular design, B3 gauze, all mosquitoes are kept out.
    The bottom of the tent is made of 540g PVC protective flame-retardant fabric, PU3000mm, and the bottom and the wall are connected by a zipper. The wall of the tent can be rolled up to better see the outdoor natural scenery.
    kids can take naps inside the camping tent and adults will enjoy their time outside.

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