VHG Innovation Tent Tent Single/Double Ultra-Light 15D Coated Silicon Rodless Pyramid Tent Camping Tent (Color : White, Size : Large)

    Price: $585.05
    (as of Mar 06,2023 23:11:41 UTC – Details)

    As a very convenient tent, it works well on most occasions.
    Model Number:‎
    Package Dimensions:‎35 x 15 x 15 cm; 2 Kilograms
    Item Weight:‎2 kg
    Separate inner account can be used to connect the bottom of trekking pole to build a separate inner account.
    Elastic rope and adjustment buckle: The inner tent uses elastic rope, which can effectively reduce the jitter of the inner tent and prevent wind disturbance. Use adjustment straps to adjust the tightness of the tent.
    O-ring and figure-of-eight buckle: The inner and outer tents are connected by an O-ring and figure-of-eight buckle. Only one buckle is required, which is simple and convenient to set up.
    Binaural buckles: Double ear buckles are used at the place where the hall is connected to the wind rope, and the door can be firmly opened on one side.
    Pull points on both sides: The pull points on both sides can enlarge the space, make the tent fuller, and reduce air-tight condensation.
    Thickened zipper wind panel: It effectively prevents the embarrassment of the zipper from clamping the fabric on both sides, and also plays a role in blocking wind and rain.
    Reflective webbing: Reflective webbing is made for pull points, hanging points, and eye-catching positions around to increase the beauty, but also play a warning role.
    Suitable for outdoor camping or enjoying family time at home in the yard.

    Suitable for three seasons: spring, summer and autumn: use 20D nylon mesh, and use 20D silicon-coated nylon fabric at the bottom of the ventilated tents
    Suitable for winter: 15D nylon fabric is used to effectively prevent the cold winter wind. There are small pieces of 20D nylon mesh on the front and back of the top so that the entire internal space will not be too depressed. The 20D silicon-coated nylon fabric at the bottom of the account has high wear resistance and prevents rainwater penetration.
    Waterproof glue: The seams are all double-layered, and the stitches are treated with fine waterproof glue, which is not afraid of wind and rain.
    O-ring: Use an O-ring to connect the inner account, just hang it with the 8-shaped buckle of the inner account, which is easy to build.
    kids can take naps inside the camping tent and adults will enjoy their time outside.

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