X-keys Keycap Cherry MX Compatible (Pack of 10) (1×1, Gray)

    Price: $7.50
    (as of Feb 11,2023 15:03:55 UTC – Details)

    Product Description

    X-keys Programmable USB Keyboards, Keypads, and ControlsX-keys Programmable USB Keyboards, Keypads, and Controls

    Instantly customize your X-keys with large keys, colored keys, key blockers and legends.

    X-keys Key Blockers and Large KeysX-keys Key Blockers and Large Keys

    Use Color and Spacing to Easily Identify Your Keys

    X-keys XKE-128 with Key BlockersX-keys XKE-128 with Key Blockers Group Keys by Function or by Task

    Your layout could exactly fit your workflow or it could be designed for a novice to easily complete a task step-by-step.

    Create a Simple Intuitive Controller Improves Accuracy and Efficiency Lowers Training Time

    Use Key Blockers to Create Space

    Arrange Keys for Easy Access

    Knocking out rows or columns of keys with our key blockers creates space and separation between groups of keys and makes it easier to locate the tool or function you require without taking you away from the project on your monitor.

    Instantly Customize Your Layout Modify Your Design Quickly and Easily Undo and Redo Changes to Test and Refine Your Design

    Large Keys and Blockers on an X-keys XKE-128Large Keys and Blockers on an X-keys XKE-128

    Intuitive Design

    Use X-keys large and colored keycaps and blockers to create an intuitive layout for your workflow.

    Create Groups with BlockersCreate Groups with Blockers

    Create Groups

    Group keys with similar or related functions to structure your layout in any way that works for you.

    Instant LabelingInstant Labeling

    Use a Logical Layout

    Use the logic of a menu structure with File functions, Tools, and Views in key group, or plan a workflow path stepping from left to right across the X-keys as the task flows from start to finish.

    XK-60 with Red Backlighting onXK-60 with Red Backlighting on

    Personalize Your Layout

    Put the keys you need where you want them. Use large keys to emphasize frequently used commands and triggers.

    XK-60 with Large KeysXK-60 with Large Keys

    Group Commands

    Arrange your layout so keys can be found by feel and keep you eyes on the action.

    Large Key on X-keys XK-80Large Key on X-keys XK-80

    Use Large Keys

    Use large keys for frequently used triggers or for tools you want to find without looking away from your monitor.

    Custom Legends on an X-keys XK-68 Jog & ShuttleCustom Legends on an X-keys XK-68 Jog & Shuttle

    Custom Legends

    Use our templates to create custom legends in the image editor of your choice.

    Spaceship Simulator X-keysSpaceship Simulator X-keys

    Get Creative

    Write or draw your own legends on our blank legend sheets. The stickless legends fit perfectly into our key lenses and the lens holds the legend securely while also protecting it from wear.

    Clear lens holds a key legend securely while protecting it from wear
    Lenses snap on and off for easy update of legends
    Compatible with all X-keys except Stick models

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